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Production Management
Production Management
With GoldTech’s Production Management it’s as simple as 1-2 button clicks!

Once you have received your donated goods, sorted, graded, and removed salvage items, it is time to add your donations into inventory and give them a tag.

What makes GoldTech’s production different from other systems?

  • Every produced item gets a unique barcode/RFID tag/Serial number.
  • Each barcode can only be scanned once in a transaction, eliminating “sweet-hearting” at the POS.
  • Our system automatically knows what color rotation you are on and applies it to the batch.
  • Increase check-out speeds and upgrade your inventory management using a standard departmental structure.
  • Customize your hang-tags, RFID tags, and sticky labels.
  • Control what each production employee is able to produce.
  • Every tag is price embedded, so you never have to worry about changing prices.
We believe the module is so critical to your success that we include it when you purchase the GoldTech Retail Manager!*

* No license cost limited to non-profit thrift. Seat count discounts available for for-profit thrift.