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Point of sale
GoldTech Retail Manager (GRM) is so intuitive most users are ready to go in in less than 10 minutes.

GoldTech works with Verifone for payment processing devices, making our payment processor agnostic.

Optimize your customer checkout experience with the GoldTech Retail Manager:

  • Scan RFID tags, 1D/2D barcodes, or select SKUs off the screen.
  • Have as many colors in rotation as you want
  • Full control over customer loyalty, gift cards, sales, discounts, and more – all built-in to the system and available at no additional cost to you!
  • Use Verifone pin pad to interact with customers – phone number capture, assign loyalty, ask for round-ups, etc.
  • Suspend/resume functionality for line busting, and the customer who forgot their money in the car.
  • See customer complete transaction history at the POS

Have complete control over your point of sale:

  • Full access control – Every action can be allowed or restricted based on the employee and/or security group.
  • Deep information captured and stored! – Every action is tracked and auditable.
  • GoldTech security is built into the system and is divorced from Active Directory.  You do not have to give the cashier rights in your network / Windows whatsoever.
  • All changes made at the corporate office to the POS interface reflected in the store POS within 2 minutes.

GRM is fault-tolerant, and self-healing.  Lose internet connection in the middle of a transaction and your cashier won’t notice, and neither will your customer.  

Your data begins updating automatically – NO human interaction required – once the internet connection is restored 

No matter what, your POS system just keeps working.