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Donation tracking
donation tracking
GRM proprietary technology – Donor Value Clarity (DVC) (patent-pending), based on and 100% compatible with the Goodwill 1-Touch production method  – is the most complete donor tracking system available.  

It’s as simple as:

Assign donor to donation transaction

Record number of items donated

System prints sticky label for each item

Scan label and produce items to tie donor to item

Quickly identify your top donors for future marketing.

Know where your top donors live, what zip codes bring you the most donations and from what categories. See how much revenue each individual donor helped your organization raise in the previous year.

We believe the module is so critical to your success that we include it when you purchase the GoldTech Retail Manager!*

*No license cost limited to non-profit thrift. Seat count discounts for for-profit thrift.